Johansen et al. 2011 SPL Covering Array Tool discussed in "Bow Tie Testing - A Testing Pattern for Product Lines"

Download the SPL Covering Array Tool v0.1 (EuroPLoP 2011).

It includes the following software as dependencies, bundled with the tool:


java -jar SPLCATool-v0.1-EuroPLoP2011.jar

SPL Covering Array Tool v0.1 (EuroPLoP 2011)
Args: {limit=100%, t=help, threads=1, a=Chvatal}
Usage: <task>
 -t count_solutions -fm <feature_model>
 -t t_wise -fm <feature_model> -s <strength, 1-3> (-startFrom <covering array>) (-limit <coverage limit>) (-sizelimit <rows>) (-onlyOnes) (-noAllZeros) (-BTR (Bow-Tie Reduction))
 -t help (this menu)
Supported Feature models formats:
 - Feature IDE GUI DSL (.m)
 - Simple XML Feature Models (.xml)
 - Dimacs (.dimacs)
 - CNF (.cnf)

Example Feature Model and Annotations
Feature Model

The running example from the paper is available:


These annotations were discussed in the paper.

AL WindowingSystem
AL Hardware
Example run

The following run will produce the result discussed in the paper. The 2-wise covering array is written to EclipseSPLRef.m.ca2.csv and the reduced version is written to EclipseSPLRef.m.ca2.csv.btr.csv.

> java -jar SPLCATool-v0.1-EuroPLoP2011.jar -t t_wise -fm EclipseSPLRef.m -s 2 -BTR
Args: {limit=100%, BTR=, fm=EclipseSPLRef.m, t=t_wise, s=2, threads=1, a=Chvatal}
Loading GUI DSL: EclipseSPLRef.m
Successfully loaded and converted the model:
Features: 37
Constraints: 610
Generating 2-wise covering array with algorithm: Chvatal
Running algorithm: Chvatal's algorithm adopted for Covering Array generation
Covering 100%
Uncovered pairs left: 2664
Done. Size: 41, time: 1045 milliseconds
BTR. Size: 20
Wrote result to EclipseSPLRef.m.ca2.csv
Wrote result to EclipseSPLRef.m.ca2.csv.btr.csv