Software Product Line Covering Array Tool (SPLCATool)

Further development of SPLCATool is done in the Pairwiser Project.

SPLCATool is a tool that implements various algorithms related to covering arrays of feature models for product lines.

On this site you will find the tool and its source free of charge distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

Documentation and User Manual

The documentation and user manual for the latest version is available. (It was published as Appendix D of Martin Johansen's PhD thesis.)

Current Version

The current version is v0.3 (SPLC 2012). It includes the following features:


SPLCATool v0.3 (SPLC 2012) is written in 100%, portable Java code. Our implementation consists of 5778 lines of Java code and 3534 lines of automatic tests. The source is distributed as Eclipse projects.

Version history

Related Publications


The tool includes the following software as dependencies, bundled with the tool. Their respective lisences apply.

* Original source code has been modified; modified source code included in distribution.